Nottingham City Safeguarding Children’s Board Procedures Manual
Nottingham City Safeguarding Children’s Board Procedures Manual Nottingham City Safeguarding Children’s Board Procedures Manual


November 2017

Updated Chapters
Chapter Title Details
Legal Planning Meeting Section 1, Purpose of Legal Planning Meetings, has been revised to indicate that Service Managers will raise with HOS cases of concern such as complex care planning, SGO application for pre-school children, risk of accommodation etc.
Unexpected Death or Serious Injury to a Child This chapter was entirely revised and updated to reflect current management arrangements and Ofsted’s online reporting arrangements.
Safeguarding Children and Young People from Sexual Exploitation Section 1, Introduction, was updated to take account of the change of definition in: Child Sexual Exploitation: Definition and Guide for Practitioners (DfE February 2017).
Case Records and Retention This chapter was reviewed to note the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse requires all institutions to retain their records relating to the care of children for the duration of the Inquiry (see Section 2, Retention and Confidentiality of Records).
Private Fostering This chapter was amended to add clarity to the definition of private fostering with regard to the legislation and children under 16 who spend more than 2 weeks in residence during holiday time in a school.
Unaccompanied Asylum Seekers Links to the Modern Slavery Act and Securing Act and Securing British Citizenship for looked after children - NRPF have been added to this chapter.
Looked After Children and Young People in Contact with Youth Justice Services Additional local information has been added to Section 1, Looked After Children at Risk of Offending. Links have also been added to Reducing Offending Behaviour: Joint Protocol Nottingham City.
Looked After Reviews This chapter has been amended to fully reflect the Volume 2: care planning, placement and case review guidance and regulation with respect to the circumstances as to when a Looked After Review should be brought forward. The list is not exhaustive. (See Section 2, Frequency of Looked After Reviews).
Change of Name of a Looked After Child This chapter has been entirely revised and updated and should be re-read in full.
Placement for Adoption This chapter was amended to emphasise ‘procedural fairness’ as a key aspect of the adoption planning process in respect of ensuring parents are provided with information throughout, including the dates of placement/proposed changes of a child’s Status, etc. This follows the outcome of a judicial review ((2017) EWHC 1041 (Admin)). (See new Section 4.2, Procedural Fairness). A link to Contact After Adoption (Research in Practice) was also added (above).
Local Contacts This listing has been updated.
Designated Managers This listing has been updated.
New Chapters
Chapter Title Details
Decision to Look After and Care Planning This chapter has been added to this manual. It replaces the previously published chapter “Decision to Look After and Care Planning.”

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