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Nottingham City Safeguarding Children’s Board Procedures Manual
Nottingham City Safeguarding Children’s Board Procedures Manual Nottingham City Safeguarding Children’s Board Procedures Manual
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5.10.13 Personal Adviser to 25 Years Policy


In August 2015, the term 15 Plus Team was changed to Leaving Care Service.


  1. Introduction
  2. Policy

1. Introduction

All Local Authorities have a duty to offer continuing support to young people leaving their care, at least up to the age of 21 years. Care Leavers who were in the care of Nottingham City Council after the age of 16 can be offered continuing support between the ages of 21 and 25. If they wish to continue or resume a course of further education, or training the type of support will depend on age and circumstances and will entail a thorough assessment of need being undertaken however, this does not apply to young people who were previously eligible for a qualifying service only.

Section 23CA of The Children Act 1989 states that young people previously eligible for Leaving Care Services who wish to resume a programme of Education or Training after the age of 21 and before their 25th birthday may be entitled to support from an allocated Personal Advisor who will then have a duty to produce a new Pathway Plan for that young person.

The definition for a programme of Education or Training needs to be interpreted broadly. This may include courses regarding basic skills of literacy/numeracy, further education, higher education, vocational training etc. In every case where a Care Leaver requests this support Nottingham City Council will need to assess the appropriateness of their chosen Education or Training course and how it will enable the young person to achieve their ambitions.

2. Policy

  • Nottingham City Council will ensure all Care Leavers, where applicable when discharged from Nottingham City Council Children’s Services are made a ware of how to contact the Leaving Care Service if they wish to take up support post their 21st birthday regarding Further Education and Training. This will include advising the Care Leaver to give appropriate notice that they wish to request further support as a thorough assessment of their needs and support required will need to be undertaken before any agreement offering support will be put in place. Notice required is as follows: i.e. 12 weeks for those considering further education or training, those young people considering university education would be expected to approach the Leaving Care Service in the January of the year that their course may commence however, there may be occasions when a young person can approach the Leaving Care Service later in the year if they are aware that their chosen university may still accept a late application.
  • Once contacted, a full assessment of need and the support required or requested will be undertaken. This will include the appropriateness of the course of Education or Training requested and the support requirements that may be needed to ensure that the best possible outcomes are obtainable by the Care Leaver;
  • The assessment will be conducted by an appointed person from the Leaving Care Service. Within this process the Care Leaver will be expected to fully participate and co-operate;
  • Also within the assessment all support options will be explored, including sourcing support from other agencies as well as Nottingham City Council Children’s Services;
  • This assessment will be thorough and will look at the Care Leaver’s previous qualifications and training, their contribution/commitment in accessing and maintaining the new identified Educational or Training course and what future outcomes/benefits will be gained for/by the Care Leaver if they undertake and complete the requested Educational or Training course;
  • The Care Leaver’s current financial/living arrangements prior to starting the Educational or Training course and the impact on those arrangements were they to begin a part or full time Educational or Training course, will be assessed. In addition the assessment will seek to determine their ability to sustain and complete the course successfully;
  • Once this assessment has taken place a support package will be discussed with a Manager and agreed with the Care Leaver. This support package will include advice and assistance and may involve some form of financial support, where applicable, from Nottingham City Council Children’s Services;
  • On completion of assessments for further/higher education or training, all assessments will be passed to the Head of Service of Children in Care, Nottingham City Council Children’s Services who will be responsible for determining the level of support offered on an individual basis;
  • On receipt of proof that the individual has been accepted on a course, i.e. letter of acceptance from the educational establishment/training provision that the Care Leaver will commence the agreed Educational or Training course, the agreed contract will be signed by the Care Leaver, Leaving Care Service Manager and the training/educational provider;
  • At this stage if a service is to be offered to the young person a Personal Advisor will be allocated. The Personal Advisor will then ensure a Pathway Plan is developed together with input from the Care Leaver and the educational/training provider to reflect the agreed package of support and liaise regularly with the Care Leaver and the persons delivering the education and training to monitor attendance, progress and attainment;
  • Any changes to the agreed contract e.g. a change of the Educational or Training course, any changes in any agreed financial support or any changes that will affect the agreed contract or predicted outcomes of the Education or Training course (e.g. non or poor attendance, not completing required work/exams that will affect qualification outcomes), must be raised by the Care leaver immediately with the allocated Personal Advisor. Failure to do so could affect the agreed contract between the Care Leaver and Nottingham City Council Children’s Services. Any changes will be reassessed and could lead to alterations or the termination of the original agreed package of support offered;
  • Once the agreed Education or Training course is completed successfully or terminated due to non compliance with agreed contract, the pathway plan will be finalized and the case closed to the Leaving Care Service.